Idag skrev jag en sång

Dizzy darkness covered in glossy paper
and city lights, wet and cold and noone's feeling free tonight
Just want to hold someone tight
To be saved from the shape of saints outside
So once again, feet are clattering in the stairs
I'm glad for today
so many doors are open but I want to stay inside of this rose
But yet I haven't seen if it's avaliable or if it's closed

Now all that's left is your body signature
Glittering in the air
Trying to convince me that you've been there
But now that I'm aware
I just don't trust my senses anymore
I want to tell the people carrying your face to quit their game
But I am too shy so I pretend to behave
Everything is okay,
storms are blown away
Though this time of year
the world does not need another indiffenrentado
I could be your desperado
oh, aren't we lost
oh aren't we lost inside these blankets

You're afraid of scars, aren't we all?
I am sorry, I guess I wanted you too much


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